Prehistoric Shark

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About Prehistoric Shark

This is Prehistoric Shark game, survival game with shark theme in prehistoric times. Your mission is to knock down other animals to become the killer shark of the ocean.

Are you ready to become the most formidable hunter in prehistoric times? This is the time to do it and your world is a vast ocean full of dangers. You start with your shark and need to help it fight other animals. Do everything you can to become an assassin while surviving as long as you can!

Don’t hesitate to fight because you were born to do it. You can choose your favorite type of shark and start the carnage in the ocean. You will need to move your shark wisely to overcome any danger. Other animals such as deer, birds, dinosaurs, fish… all must fear you.

However, in this animal no flash game, you also have to watch out for dangers better than yourself. Large birds, giant spiders, killer sharks or earthquakes can all threaten your life. To overcome them, you will need a reasonable defensive strategy. Moreover, you should move really fast and have great jumps.

After each trip, you will leave animal carcasses in the ocean. It looks crazy, but it is also an attractive element for those who love survival. This shark game for kids also vividly depicts the prehistoric world. It brings unprecedented species of ancient creatures and turns them into your opponents.

So, don’t miss Prehistoric Shark unblocked if you love aggressive shark series. It’s time to try your hand at being the shark and the killer of the ocean. Not only survival, you also have the opportunity to explore and adventure through prehistoric classical lands.

How to play Prehistoric Shark

Move your shark with arrow keys, press A to bite

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