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Privacy Policy is what you need to know about the information we collect from you and our responsibilities to protect it. Big Tower encourages your feedback.

What you are reading is about Privacy Policy at our website, Big Tower. It will tell you some of the website’s operating guidelines, including those relating to your personal information. It will answer questions like what we collect from you and how.

In addition, we would also like to inform you of the ways in which we protect your personal information and your rights to your information. While we always ensure the privacy and security for them, it’s essential that you know how we do it.

What are we and what will you find in us?

Before going into the privacy policy, it is necessary for you to understand about our website. Big Tower is a website dedicated to sharing free online games with everyone. It is always guaranteed to work to be the perfect playground for every game fan.

So, you will find a wide variety of games on every topic when you visit here. You can search for your favorite games and play them right away without downloading. There is no cost to play as we only share free games. You will experience the game alone or connect and compete with many global gamers.

We will collect your information, but what is it?

We would like to clarify what activities on our website, including the collection of user data. Data collection always takes place while this website is active and will stop when you ask us to do that. But data is necessary for us to manage all the users here, contributing to the improvement and development of your experience.

The way we collect user information is based on cookies. It is small text files that are sent to us from your device every time you visit the web. They are responsible for recording activity log data and other related data during your experience.

What we will collect from you includes:

Your account registration information: It includes your display name, profile picture, email … that you used to register an account at Big Tower. Some players will skip this step, but once they have provided the information we will store it. But we do not oblige you to provide real information.

The content of your activity on the website: It includes comments, articles, photos … when you post on our website. They are necessary to create a close and free playing field for all fans. So we always encourage people to do it. However, please avoid sharing your GPS address to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Purpose for collecting user personal data

We collect your data for the following purposes:

Keep the site up and running: You know, there’s a lot of players on Big Tower. Therefore, we need to manage every user’s information to prevent bad behavior, investigate and remove illegal accounts. We do it for the pleasure and safety of you and every player at this site.

Gives you what you need: Through logging, we will know what you like to make recommendations. For example, when you play certain games, we suggest similar games to create a personalized experience.

Stay in touch with you when needed: We can send you notifications whenever there’s new content. Therefore, the collection of your information is necessary to keep in touch between you and us. You can send your comments and views to us if you have any questions, we always appreciate it.

Your privacy rights with respect to your personal information

The information is yours so you have all rights to it, including correcting, adding, deleting or even asking us to stop collecting your information. So feel free to customize your information or contact us as needed.

Besides, if anyone violates your information, please notify us. We will investigate, verify and remove illegal players from the playing field on Big Tower. You have a right to your information, and we also have a responsibility to protect it.

In summary, our Privacy Policy has been clarified in this article. However, we may change it at any time based on user reviews and feedback or from us. We will update it and notify the change to all users at Big Tower through their email. Have a fun, safe and private experience with your favorite online games here!

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