Raft Wars

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About Raft Wars

Raft Wars 1 unblocked cooperative shooter battles are waiting for you to explore. Can you launch accurate shots to defeat every enemy in front of you at each level?

Before exploring the interesting things in the gameplay of Raft Wars no flash, we will learn about the story in the game. Here, you will join the journey of Simon and his brother in the search for treasure. Although they have found valuable treasure, the greedy pirates will not let that happen.

The pirates believe that it was Simon and his brother who stole their treasure. So, an uncompromising battle will have to take place to decide to who the treasure belongs. And you are the one who will help the guy Simon win over the pirates through the coordinated shooting challenges.

If you have ever experienced Angry Birds, you will surely recognize the similarities when playing this shooting game online. Join the game, you need to make the best shooting options to shoot down the pirate’s boat. Everything takes place in the style of shooting coordinates, so please align the shooting angle properly.

After completing any level, you will receive a number of rewards corresponding to the achievement achieved. You can use this money to buy weapon upgrades and improve your boat’s resistance. Each upgrade will help you increase your win rate in the wars so upgrade often.

Raft Wars unblocked is ready to bring you exciting and challenging coordinate shooting battles. Your opponents are greedy pirates, they are experienced enough to neutralize your attacks. Therefore, you need to upgrade your power regularly and improve your fighting skills if you want to win in the end.

How to play Raft Wars

Take aim and shoot actions for the boat using the mouse

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