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About Randgeon

Randgeon is a special action game set in a secret and dangerous world. Start your adventure and show off your possibilities to protect yourself until you end it!

In other words, you’d better learn about how to deal with the foes and how to move throughout the location before you embark on your journey. Therefore, it’s really good to increase your own survival ability and more.

So, when you play Randgeon online, you will have the chance to challenge your skills for free. In that crazy story, you must stay alive from whichever checks your power from rolling the dice.

Aside from that, it’s a fantastic skill survive game that contains tons of deadly obstacles and aggressive foes. In addition to that, each square on the floor will provide you with various effects on.

Randgeon unblocked is a survival challenge in which you have to prevent your opponent from causing damage to you first. Once you remain alive, you will be capable of fighting and reaching the goal area. Get ready to explore your mission and finish everything in the shortest time!

How to play Randgeon

WASD or Arrow keys to walk Spacebar to jump C to attack the enemy

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