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About 2D is a classic battle royale game with a top-down design. You will parachute into a shrinking map and must overcome others to survive until the last one.

The multiplayer battle royale game genre is no stranger to every gamer. But if you’re looking for the perfect online experience, try unblocked. It is a game with a simple design but not a small attraction. It will become your favorite playground in the upcoming survival wars.

Your mission in this game is to fight until you become the last man standing on the map. In other words, this will be a survival challenge for you to join many other online gamers. You will jump into a 2D map, try to collect items and be ready for any confrontation.

To fight, of course, you cannot lack weapons and equipment. Land in an ideal location to collect items in precious chests and equip your warriors with essentials. Next, you can move to many places on the map to loot more and upgrade your equipment.

In the process of exploring the map, you cannot avoid clashes with other survivals. Therefore, you need to have a clear strategy to confront them with the least damage. A raid or confrontation plan, that’s up to you. Finishing them means you have the right to move on, and you will enjoy their loot.

Although does not possess beautiful graphics like other io games online, it is attractive enough for many gamers. The attractive classic survival gameplay, the diverse system of items and weapons will create an irresistible battle royale playground. So, start your survival now and score new achievements!

How to play

Move the character with the keys W,A,S,D Move mouse to change direction of movement, left click to shoot

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