Save the Hostages

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About Save the Hostages

Save the Hostages is a zombie shooting game. To fulfill your challenge and win, you need to rescue the hostages from criminals quickly.

In fact, you will be equipped with many weapons. Therefore, you should learn and master how to switch and use them properly. Then, they will allow you to destroy the enemy and protect yourself effectively.

In Save the Hostages 3D, you will follow the orders of headquarter. Additionally, you will control the tools that you have. Finally, try to launch your weapons and abilities in time to finish the goal!

Besides, there are various game modes to play Save the Hostages online. Actually, they make the gameplay become more interesting. So, always focus on your objective and demolish the foe’s camp! And, it will be very important to save every innocent people.

Save the Hostages unblocked is a great playfield with multiple goals. Are you willing to engage in that squad and perform your abilities? Also, there are 7 weapons that you can experience. Furthermore, don’t forget to aim carefully before shooting at anybody! Let’s face the bandit and complete the final stage!

How to play Save the Hostages

  • WASD to move around
  • C to crouch
  • Right mouse to aim
  • Left mouse to shoot
  • 1-7 to switch weapons available
  • Left-shift to speed up
  • E to interact with items

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