Senya and Oscar 2

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About Senya and Oscar 2

Senya and Oscar 2 is about the journey to save the kingdom from scary monsters. Accompanying you on this trip is Oscar – an interesting cat, what can it do for you?

Play Senya and Oscar 2 full version, a journey full of fun but also very dangerous waiting for you to discover. With the sword in hand, you will together with your cat Oscar defeat all enemies along the way to complete the goal. However, the level system in the game is relatively diverse, and players will have to spend a lot of time if they want to explore all the available content.

Senya and Oscar 2 unblocked also allow players to use interesting skills from both main characters. Accordingly, these skills will help you defeat your opponent more easily, but they will have a certain cooldown. Therefore, use the right skills at the right times to maximize their effects. In addition, new types of skills will be unlocked in stages in this 2D arcade game. The later, the enemy will become stronger and of course you cannot lack a good skill to defeat them.

How to play Senya and Oscar 2

Use the left mouse button and touch the skill icons appropriately

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