Short Life

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About Short Life

Short Life is a physics platform game developed for web browsers. Have you ever felt that life is too short? If not, experience this game right now to understand.

True to its name, Short Life really makes players feel that life is extremely short. Why? That is the player will have to control a homeless guy and try to ensure his character’s safety. Specifically, deadly traps constantly appear on the way and are ready to destroy him at any time.

Accordingly, the player’s goal is to ensure a certain safety to achieve 3 stars after each level. With 16 built-in levels, new and more dangerous obstacles will constantly appear. You’re ready to show off your amazing reflexes.

Besides, Short Life unblocked, try to experience the game to feel a short life right now. In addition, the publisher has recently launched Short Life 2. It brings improvements and new features compared to the first version. Join both games to discover for yourself.

How to play Short Life

Use the arrow system on the keyboard to play the game

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