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Present your shooting skills in unblocked and see how many enemies you can kill! If you are a fan of shooting io games, then you will love free online. Before entering the arena, you can pick a class to dictate your loadout and get your skills ready to shoot all enemies.

The arena of game is like a chaotic place when players can shoot each other. You will see many bullets flying around as well as listen to many gun sounds. Just don’t freak out! You’d better stay calm then start hunting for enemies. When they get in sight, kill them quickly with your weapon. You can even deal damage to crates to select upgrades, such as health regeneration, better vision, faster speed, stronger shield, axe, grenade, etc. Make use of those upgrades to get an edge over your enemies, which gives you a higher chance to win. As you kill enemies, your points will be increased. You can find out what happens when you obtain 10k points. You should register an account for the game so you can unlock achievements. Can you get to the top 1? Play for free now!

How to play

Move your character using WASD, click the left mouse button to shoot and use QEF to use upgrades.

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