Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story

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About Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story

Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story focuses on an adventure of a little snail. You help this snail solve puzzles as well as overcome obstacles in lots of stages of the game.

Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story takes you to a universe where you solve puzzles and overcome obstacles

Snail Bob is an iconic snail character that appears in the Snail Bob games. So now, you will play with him in a fun chapter of the series. He is ready to vanquish an adventure in a universe but he is in need of your help.

Play Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story online to discover new mechanics

Little Snail Bob will face lots of obstacles when he enters the universe to begin his adventure. Therefore, you will give him a hand. You help him solve lots of puzzles as well as explore new mechanics.

Besides, your Snail Bob is also able to turn himself into other animals so he can cross some passages. This is a fun and cool ability that he has. So, you can make use of it.

Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story unblocked will be a unique HTML5 puzzle game that you should play for improving your skills in solving puzzles.

How to play Snail Bob 7 Fantasy Story

Spacebar for the movement. Left mouse to interact. Use 1 for changing the direction.

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