Soccer Legends 2021

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About Soccer Legends 2021

Soccer Legends 2021 game is now free for all to play online on browsers. It’s possible to experience solo matches with AI or join a competition with your buddy.

For that reason, it’s exciting to test skills in this game, one of the top sports games online. So, you have to use your shooting ability to win against the opponent. Besides, it’s helpful to prevent the challenger from attacking.

Thus, to be the champion in the football legends 2021 game that you connect to, you need to earn the highest goal quickly. Additionally, it’s important for you to defend as well.

Presently, Soccer Legends 2 player is available to enjoy. Try to conquer the cup!

How to play Soccer Legends 2021

Single-player mode:

  • WASD keys or Arrows to move to the left and right, jump, and slide
  • L or X key to kick the ball
  • K or Z to create a strong kick

Two-player mode:

  • Player 1: WASD to control your movement, B to kick, V to launch a super shot
  • Player 2: Arrows to move and jump, L to shoot, K to perform a powerful shot

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