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About Sploop.io

Sploop.io is the place where you will start your battle for survival with many challenges waiting for you. Get ready to take on other opponents, fighting with them on a map.

Construction and crafting are the two main factors that you need to do in this survival animal game. First, you will start controlling your character to move around to exploit resources. From there, regenerate these resources into diverse weapons ready to fight other opponents.

Play Sploop.io online, you will feel the battle for survival in many different ways. You can start with finding other opponents and challenge them, or focus on exploiting resources to help the character become stronger. Both approaches have distinct advantages when you play.

Besides, this game provides players with a lot of different materials to create their own works. You should learn about the main effect of each material if you want to build a strong enough base. Moreover, other opponents can also appear to destroy, please limit this from happening.

The available leaderboard will also help players divide the high and low rankings to create fair competition. The more resources and buildings you own, the more chances you have of appearing on the leaderboard. On the contrary, if you do not focus on the mining factor, you will not receive too many points.

Sploop.io unblocked provides players with the most important elements of a web browser survival game. Although inspired by previous games like MooMoo io or Starve io, this game still has its own improvements. If you want, you can find out for yourself by logging into your browser to play the game now.

How to play Sploop.io

  • Use the ZQSD / WASD / system key arrow names to move
  • Click the E button to attack automatically
  • X button to rotate the lock, R to rotate, and Enter to chat
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