Stick War

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About Stick War

Play Stick Wars game online and become a commander who will lead troops to fight against cunning foes. The stick wars bring a new era and a fresh concept out of usual. Now your weak-seeming reign takes strikes upon the other mighty, cruel realms. Embrace stick action unblocked to teach them a harsh lesson that you are not so anemic and turn their conquering plot into pieces. First, mine the treasures like going crazy. Arm your forces thoroughly. Rush massively in waves. And offensively attack the enemies’ units. Break the defense lines. While the mainstream of the troops keep on with the duty, the other small part loots the mines. The persistent battle of course needs immense supplies of munition. Never let your combat be weakened either. Fight in different terrains and gain various experiences. You only attack by day. When the night falls, the whole process must be finished. You may commence your trek with stick war 2 or stick war 3 – the latest version. It assuresthose who love strong act and tactics preference good game. Why not this moment?

How to play Stick War

Use your mouse and arrow keys

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