Stickman Archer: The Wizard Hero

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About Stickman Archer: The Wizard Hero

Stickman Archer The Wizard Hero unblocked is an magic archery game. More than 160 levels are available for you to conquer and become the greatest wizard right now.

This stickman archery game is the place to show your archery skills as a witch. Your task in each level is to destroy all the wizards of darkness and become the ultimate wizard. But there are hundreds of levels to conquer and hundreds of unique opponents from miniboss to giant bosses. You will see them grow stronger and the levels get harder and harder to win. That’s when you need to upgrade your character with rewards from air chests, skins and magic hats… Unleash all of your inner energy and abilities to subdue all enemies!

The gameplay is quite simple for you to pass the levels of the arcade battle. You just need to click on the screen, hold and drag, then drop to shoot. But you need to align the shot correctly and release the mouse at the right time to deal damage to each enemy. At the same time, pay attention to the HP bars located on the left side of the screen to monitor the situation of the game. Bosses often have large HP, while normal witches will have less HP, so they are easier to deal with. But you should not be too subjective, because they do not stand still for you to shoot. Some witches have the ability to teleport to dodge magic bullets from you. They can even return you beautiful star spells but do high damage. So you should destroy them as soon as possible with accurate archery shots. You can learn and practice patience in this skill free online game.

How to play Stickman Archer: The Wizard Hero

Left click, hold and drag to the left to aim, click “B” to shoot

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