Stickman World War

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About Stickman World War

Stickman World War unblocked brings a unique strategic war to players. Here, you will become a true commander and direct your troops to defeat your opponents in real time.

Accordingly, Stickman World War is one of the most attractive tank games that you can play directly in the browser. Your task in the game is quite specific, which is to develop the economy, train soldiers, and make informed decisions. Basically, each type of soldier in this game will have a different effect. Typically, oil workers will be tasked with extracting oil and accumulating money. Using that money to buy anything you want. In contrast, infantry soldiers will have the task of attacking the opponent’s defense system.

Besides, play Stickman World War online, players can also order their soldiers by clicking on the icons on the screen. The shield icon corresponds to defense, and the target corresponds to attack. Form your own Stickman Clans, then engage in intense battles in Stickman World War to show your leadership talent.

How to play Stickman World War

Use the mouse and touch the corresponding icons on the screen to fight in this game

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