Terms of Use

Terms of Use must be approved by you at Big Tower before using the website. It defines the rights and responsibilities of the user and owner of the website.

This is the Terms of Use at Big Tower! It covers your rights and responsibilities with respect to our content. It also outlines our responsibilities for your content and privacy. By complying with them, you can continue to use our website for your entertainment needs.

These terms are established for no other purpose than to ensure user experience. Please read them all carefully to understand and approve them to contribute to a healthy playing field for all now.

Why do you need to comply with our Terms of Use?

Any website has its own terms, which are rules that website owners and users need to abide by. You know, a perfect playing field also needs rules to make sure everything stays within the framework. If everyone knew their limits, it would make for a healthy place to relax and connect.

That is the reason for the establishment of our terms at Big Tower, a free online game sharing site for gamers. They build these terms and you should abide by them. However, we always appreciate your feedback and will make appropriate changes to the satisfaction of both parties.

If you do not accept or intentionally violate these terms, we will be forced to remove you from the list of users on the site. If you think again, you can continue to use our website to enjoy new online games every day. We always greet every gamer with enthusiasm and respect.

Our copyrights and your rights to them

As we said from the beginning, we are a website dedicated to sharing online games for fans. So we are not the creator of the game and do not own all the games here. We also do not have copyright to the images and files related to the game, they come from other sources.

Therefore, we are not responsible for problems related to the game and images. But we always try to select and update the best games on every topic to provide a healthy, fun and intimate experience for all online gamers.

However, we would like to stress that the content belongs to us. We base our experience with the game and summarize it with the information in each article. It includes a description of the gameplay, graphics, sounds, and a how to play. They will help you easily access the game and select the game to experience.

From the above statements, we have the terms of your rights and responsibilities. First, for what is not under our copyright, you have the right to verify and contact us if there are any violations. We will review your notice and make changes if it makes sense.

Second, for things that are our property, it is your responsibility to respect them. You may not copy and share content that obscures or obscures the logo or author’s name. Any action on content on Big Tower requires our permission. If there is any violation, we will take measures to handle.

Protect your privacy and our disclaimer

For each user on our website, you have the right to register an account with your personal information. Moreover, you can play games, comment and share games through your personal account. We respect what belongs to you, but at the same time are always looking for ways to protect your information.

However, it is also your responsibility to protect your privacy and security. Ideally, you should not share your personal account with others. If there is any violation of your personal information, you should change your password and notify us. We will review and handle your issue as soon as possible.

We have no liability whatsoever for your content. You should not share illegal, sensitive or sexually explicit content on this website. Any bad information will be handled in accordance with the law. At the same time, we will always find ways to eliminate and prevent these behaviors of any user.

So, if you already know our Terms of Use, please return to the homepage and continue your experience with our free online game store. Please keep in mind that these terms are subject to change in the future. We have the right to change them but will notify you of that soon.

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