The Last Viking

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About The Last Viking

The Last Viking unblocked is a fun adventure game for you to ride with a great dragon and explore exotic classic lands. You need to dodge enemies and collect loot.

If you are looking for an arcade game online, why not try this game? It is a simple game but the attraction is not small at all. Your mission is to control a dragon and overcome hundreds of different challenges to conquer new lands.

Hundreds of enemies appear on your journey, what can you do when confronting them? You can move up and down to dodge enemies or directly fight. How you play is up to you, as long as it works for you to get as far as you can when you play The Last Viking free online.

The gameplay is very simple and idle because you just have to press the up and down arrow keys. But to play well, you need to move flexibly to dodge enemies, and collect a lot of gold coins and diamonds. Try to ignore unnecessary confrontations to ensure your HP for a longer journey.

The further you go, the more new things you will discover from the background to enemies and loot. So despite the idle gameplay, the game is very engaging to play for hours. But how far can you go in each of your turns in The Last Viking? The ranking points will be calculated based on your adventure distance.

The Last Viking has quite lovely and friendly graphics, suitable for many gamers. The music is also pretty cool with vibrant and relaxing background music. Besides, the game context and character images are very diverse, colorful, and eye-catching. So anyone can play this game and have great relaxing moments.

How to play The Last Viking

Press the up and down arrow keys to move the dragon past the enemy

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