The Skull Kid

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About The Skull Kid

The Skull Kid unblocked game is a rather creepy but relaxing entertainment experience. Your mission is to knock down everything on the way with available weapons.

If you are bored with light experiences, you can play The Skull Kid no flash to be a bad person. Here, you are up against everything including objects, people and machines. Your mission is to end them all with the weapons like knives, hand saws, guns and more. Let’s check how far you can go in this game.

You will start and have to go to the elevator at the end to unlock new levels. In that journey, you will encounter many crazy challenges. Someone is standing in the middle of the road or objects in the middle of the aisle. Don’t hesitate to use your saw to knock them all down and move on.

The later levels will be harder than the previous one, so you’ll need a new strategy to get through them. You can use a gun instead of a hand saw, so you can hit people with just a few shots. But don’t be subjective, when you get stronger, others are also better prepared.

People start to stand up against you instead of standing still like at first. Some have shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles and more. You can enjoy the obstacles as cannon fodder. Furthermore, you will need wise strategy to attack and defend in this action online game.

The 2D scene in The Skull Kid HTML5 game creates a friendly look. However, what happened next was terrible with blood, chainsaws, guns and more. So make sure you tolerate these before playing. If you want to relieve stress, it is available for you to play now without downloading.

How to play The Skull Kid

Move character with left and right arrows, click “Space” to attack

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