Toss The turtle

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About Toss The turtle

Play game Toss the turtle online to conquer a fun challenge. Toss the turtle to his desirable city. The turtle 2 shall not be as easy as your first thought. If you fail to navigate the appropriate angle, the distance gets passed, however, will be likely extremely short. More than that, the character here will be hurt with scratches. Poor him anyway! However, the turtle unblocked may turn your effort more comfortable and easier. While in the air, take advantage of the favorable conditions like the winding up machine. Do not let the little, happy turtle fall much then. Earn the bonuses of money. With the budget you have, shop around to buy some really useful equipment such as cannon, jet, or missile. They are all essential if you want to reach the goal soon. Play Toss The turtle unblocked at school and encourage the united spirits among friends! May you guys successfully bring our animated friend to the gorgeous town? Wait and see the result.

How to play Toss The turtle

Use your mouse to control the shooting.

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