Train 2048

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About Train 2048

Train 2048 3D is a completely new experience of the classic 2048 puzzle style. You will match the same numbers to create coal power for your train to move on the tracks.

If you are a lover of math and puzzle game, you definitely cannot miss the experience with Train 2048 unblocked. It’s time for you to engage in simple yet addictive math levels with 2048 mechanics.

You need to match even numbers to make bigger numbers and power your ship. For example, you should pair 8 with 8 to make 16, then 16 with 16 will make 32… The max number in the game is 2048 but it’s very hard to get it, so let’s go Play the best of your favorite numbers.

Notice, different numbers will fall on your train one after another. Therefore, you need to quickly pair it in any position to create combos. If you let the numbers fill the gaps in your train, you will have to start over from the beginning. Or if you don’t make any combos for too long, the train will stop because there isn’t enough fuel.

You will find great inspiration when you play Train 2048 online. Since this is a game that is both fun and learning, moreover, it is also fun to stimulate your calculation ability.

Addition operations aren’t that hard anymore, they’re much more fun. You won’t find it boring like in the senior lesson, instead, you want to play it more to score new records. Help your ship run as far as possible by matching numbers!

Attention, you will have interesting help to overcome the most difficult situations. They are located in the menu on the left side of the screen, tap when you need to remove the bricks you want.

How to play Train 2048

Tap the left mouse button on the position you want to arrange the colorful number bricks

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