Warfare 1917

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About Warfare 1917

Warfare 1917 exploits about uncompromising military wars on the web browser. Here you have to show your amazing strategic talent to defeat other world powers.

Join the game, you will become a general with the task of leading your army in battles. Each battlefield in the game brings different elements, so deploying the army in the right position is essential. Just give the wrong strategy, your army will receive defeated.

After each battle, you can use the previous bounty to upgrade your units to make them better. Play Warfare 1917 online, you will use many different units of soldiers to make the strategies. If you use a single minion unit, your failure rate will become higher.

There are many units of soldiers that you can choose in battles such as riflemen, assault soldiers, and mortars. Each unit of soldiers will have different advantages, so you need to arrange them in reasonable positions. Your army will move forward and eliminate the enemy, do not forget to observe this interesting sight.

Besides, this action battle game also allows you to use some special skills. These special skills have the effect on the enemy in a large range, you just need to press the icon to act. Of course, you need to consider before using them because these skills need time to cool down.

Warfare 1917 no flash offers highly tactical battles. All you need to do is use your abilities and come up with the tactics in each fight. Moreover, this game also comes with many other advantages such as many units of soldiers, diverse tactics, army upgrades and more.

How to play Warfare 1917

Use the left mouse to control troops in battles

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