Watermelon Run

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About Watermelon Run

Watermelon Run 3D are fun levels for you to play with watermelon hero. You need to move your hero to collect as many watermelons as possible and score achievements.

If you love fruit and need a simple game to entertain, Watermelon Run unblocked is the best choice at the moment. You can accompany your watermelon hero and score new records on the fruit-filled track. Your task in each level is to collect watermelon slices along the way to help the hero get higher and higher. He will face many challenges that are dangerous obstacles. For example, sharp knives, accidental gaps in the running track and more will reduce your height. So, to reach the finish line and score points, you need to collect more fruits and dodge the obstacles. At the end of the journey, you can collect dozens of valuable gold coins.

You can play Watermelon Run online now and challenge yourself in hundreds of levels from easy to difficult. Simply steer your hero left or right to collect watermelon slices. But the challenges will become more and more difficult as you get higher level. At that time, you should be careful in your every step so as not to meet those obnoxious cutters. This is a fun and colorful experience that will give you new inspiration. You can enjoy the addictive gameplay and very romantic game background in the running track floating in the air. Besides, you can also discover a series of new skins to enrich your hero collection. So, do you want to try it now or another running game you like? We have them free for you to play online all the time and compete on leaderboards.

How to play Watermelon Run

Move the mouse to control the character to run left or right

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