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About Worms.zone

Worms.zone gives players endless battles of worms from small to large. Ever heard of the war of worms? Join this game now to discover interesting things for yourself.

In Wormzone io games, players will be transformed into a small worm. So, you need to help this worm grow big and swallow all enemies. To do this, you need to control your worm to eat as much food on the map as possible. Remember that this is a real-time war, so you will have to face enemies all over the world.

First, you need to make sure the size of the worm is large enough if you want to gain an advantage in confrontations with your opponent. When you reach the large size, you will move slower. But in return, you can continuously left click to increase speed and kill other enemies quickly.

Accordingly, you can enjoy games of the same genre like Slither.io, Powerline.io, or Wormate.io.

How to play Worms.zone

Move the mouse in the direction you want Use left or right mouse to increase speed

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