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About YoHoHo.io

Yohoho is a multiplayer .io game created by Exodragon Games. In this Yohoho io game, you play as a pirate and your goal is to kill all the enemies and conquer the islands.

Your goal is to become the last survivor in this game, gather points of the dead enemies and rule the island! The game contains a swank capacity that supports your pirate’s speed. Gather gold coins you move around and attempt to stay away from the risk zone. Assuming you fall into it, you will take harm. Try to get as many coins as you can to achieve YoHoHo.io unblocked. Would you be able to turn into the most dreaded pirates? With a cute graphic when you are in a shape of a pirate head, this game will give you an exciting time and won’t let you down! For more interesting games, check out Shell Shockers or Paper.io 2 for more fun!

How to play YoHoHo.io

Use Arrow keys to move and LMB to sway your sword.

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