Zumba Mania

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About Zumba Mania

Zumba Mania unblocked are super fun bubble shooting levels that you can’t miss. Join your adorable frog and conquer all the colorful balls in every level for free.

You can play Zumba Mania online now and enjoy the exciting bubble shooting levels with your green friend in the deep jungle. Behind a waterfall in the forest are bubbles that are emitted continuously from a deep hole. Your task is to shoot balls of the same color to combine them, create an explosion and score points. But you need to match at least 3 balls of the same color to burst a long chain of bubbles. Get the right alignment and shoot the ball at the right time, otherwise you will miss a good chance to destroy the ball. Time is not a problem but you need to play fast to score record achievements. You can see how well other players have played it and you need to prove it to them.

This cute shooter online is really fun but has very simple gameplay mechanics. You just need to click to shoot the ball, then enjoy the explosions with vivid effects on the screen. You can conquer each level and unlock new levels with more fun. The chain of bubbles will get longer and longer and the running speed will be faster. So you also have to be quick to destroy as many balls as you can in your time. Help the frog complete his interesting tasks and you will have more new records. This cool match 3 game is not too fancy but very addictive for those who love classic ball shooting. Colorful balls and fun explosion effects will inspire you for a long time here. So don’t hesitate any longer, it’s time to play like a real gunner!

How to play Zumba Mania

Simply left click to shoot the ball where you want

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